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For institutional investors

Cointex is a leading decentralized bitcoin exchange and a clearing house directed at serving institutions with trading operations, bringing absolute liquidity to the bitcoin marketplace. Cointex has a revolutionary opportunity to fill the gap in the BTC market: a trading venue that allows blocks to be traded on the screens. Migration of block trading back onto screens will be welcomed by institutional traders, regulators, exchanges, and even dark pools. Trades on Cointex will result in sweeps of other trading venues, so Cointex will become a large client of other trading venues.

Cointex is a decentralized bitcoin exchange operating for active private investors, institutions and interested in bitcoin. Our trading platform provides deep and liquid market for Wall Street interest. Sign up today and enjoy the advantage of trading securely.

For Retail Investors

Cointex is a US based, decentralized bitcoin exchange that is dedicated to making bitcoin safe and reliable for active users (individual investors, miners, merchants, payment processors). Our company offers a transparent powerful trading solution with easy-to-reach customer support. For the vast majority of retail investors out there eager to step forward into cryptocurrencies trading which is a real thing to invest in. Cointex being a professional and experienced player on a financial market covers main components for successful cryptocurrency trading business being a frontrunner: powerful technology with a user friendly platform, highly secure environment and continuous support of the user. Cointex strongly believes in digital currency and eager to support it and raise the useship of it.

Get introduced to and learn more about our team. Sign up today and enjoy the advantage of trading securely.